In the Name of the Father

Documentary | 3 x 60’ or 1 x 90’

An American cult leader, who established himself as an admired ultra-orthodox Rabbi, succeeds in founding a Trans-Atlantic crime organization and an extreme, segregated cult with its base of operation in both Yavniel and Brooklyn.

Underage marriages and sexual assaults, arson and huge sums being transferred through his personal accounts are daily reality of the crime world “the Rabbi” has created. The corrupted cult continues to thrive for decades, while no one ever dares to expose the horrifying truth.

When “the Rabbi” dies, an ugly and violent inheritance war between his son, Moishi, and the leaders of the community erupts. As a result of the fierce conflict, the vile truth of what’s been going on in Yavniel and Brooklyn is coming to the surface. This fight continues until today, the victims are still paying the price.

Only now have we gained exclusive access to all those involved, on all sides.

Only now the whole disturbing facts are being revealed.

  • Airdate: 2023
  • Director(s): Bat-Dor Ojalvo (The Silence Connection, Blues, Connected)
  • Editor(s): Gal Goffer (Shadow of Truth, The Silver Plate)
  • Producer(s): Beyond Creative in co-production with Renegade, Sklan&Ka and Samka Group
  • Distributor: Autlook
  • Copyrights:

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